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Paediatric Program

SEOSORY MOTOR THERAPYwhich includes NDT/Bobath is a “hands on” treatment given by therapists skilled in the facilitation of normal movement patterns. These patterns are basic for everyday activities, such as bathing, dressing, talking, and eating as well as the more skilled demands of school, work and leisure.

M.E.D.E.K. is a therapeutic intervention for the development of gross motor skills in children with movement disorders. It is based on the assumption that postural control is essential for the development of mobility. The M.E.D.E.K. approach works to develop this postural control through dynamic exercises.

SENSORY INTEGRATION is the ability to take in, sort out and collect information from the world around us. Efficient processing of all the senses including touch, hearing, position, movement and balance are necessary for the development of perceptual motor and cognitive skills. This lays the foundation for academic learning, activities of daily living, behaviour and play skills. Therapeutic intervention includes the use of play and specialized equipment.

OSTEOPATHICALLY BASED MANUAL THERAPY is used to reduce tissue tightness and increase range of motion, allowing the body to restore its functional mobility and assist cognitive function. These techniques are gentle, non-invasive and frequently effective. They may include cranial, dural, muscle energy, visceral, strain/counterstrain, myofascial and rhythmical balancing techniques among others.

COGNITIVE PERCEPTUAL AND COMMUNICATION remediation broadens the child’s capacity to process information and respond to it appropriately. In order to achieve this, therapy is provided to enhance capabilities such as:

  • Visual motor skills
  • Visual and auditory processing skills
  • Attention skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Sequencing skills
  • Memory
  • Writing
  • Language
  • Sound development


  • Manual Therapy: including Myofascial Release, craniosacral Therapy & other techniques
  • Sensory Motor Therapy including NDT/Bobath
  • Sensory Integration
  • Organizational Skills
  • Perceptual-Cognitive Remediation
  • Language & Sound Development
  • Cursive Writing
  • School Integration, Re-integration & Transition
  • Swallowing, Feeding, Self Care Skills
  • Life Skills Training Program
  • Community Re-Integration Program
  • Home Adaptation and Equipment Assessment
  • Consultation Services