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Bioness (Electrical Stimulation) Assessment and Training

Inter-Action Rehabilitation Inc.’s therapists are trained in the use of the Bioness  W200. The BionessW200 is a non-invasive device, worn on the forearm and hand. It consists of a palm-size microprocessor that delivers a mild electrical charge and a soft, polymer prosthesis which fits over a patient’s hand and forearm. Electrodes embedded in the prosthesis receive the charge and sstimulate muscles in the hand and wrist to perform a sequence of movements. In addition to improving functional use of the hand, the device can reduce or prevent complications associated with central nervous system disorders, including spasticity, disuse muscle atrophy, pain and edema. The Ness W200 is available for short term rental and purchase from Inter-Action Rehabilitation Inc. Rental or purchase must be done in conjunction with a series of treatments.