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Goal Management Training® (GMT)

Goal Management Training®(GMT) is a validated, structured program designed to help people with executive functions difficulties to learn to be present minded in order to be able to complete planned goals or tasks. Executive functions includes such skills as planning, organization, time management, problem solving, decision making, reasoning, flexibility and behaviour regulation. It involves attention and working memory. The program is run by health professionals specifically trained to provide the program. The program uses in-person sessions, a workbook and home assignments. The program  Inter-Action Rehabilitation Inc.  offers   consists  of  direct training time of  15 hours usually 1.5 hours/week for 10 weeks.  Once the program is completed the client will be able to use the STOP, Focus, Check method that can be applied to any goal or task that needs to be achieved. The program has been proven effective in research studies. Participants must have an awareness of their difficulties and be able to engage in the home assignments in order for the program to be successful.  The program is offered by our occupational therapists and speech language pathologists.